Contributing towards the social well-being of our communities.

Astro Hostel

  • Built and maintained 3 Astro Hostels since 2009 for students at SK Magandai and SK Malinsau in Sabah, as well as SK Sungai Paku in Sarawak.
  • Over 212 students out of 430 students stay in the hostels and save valuable time on their daily school commute, which may even take days in inclement weather. These facilities collectively save students about 125,000 hours per year in commuting time that are instead utilised for educational, sporting or leisure endeavours to improve students’ well-being.
  • In addition, Astro has been empowering and assisting these hostel students by providing boarding facilities, laptops, study materials, and educational supplies.
  • Our Walk for Education event in 2022 attracted over 2,000 supporters and raised RM140,000 which was channeled to Astro Hostels.

Uplifting Our Community

  • Contributed RM437,000 to 22 beneficiaries, including Tabung Bantuan Bencana Negara, Mercy Malaysia, Food Aid Foundation and other non-governmental organisations to alleviate the hardships suffered by communities nationwide in 2022.
  • Partnered Food Aid Foundation in 2022 to organise the #KamiCare campaign to provide care packs to 400 families affected by the floods.
  • Provided financial aid to 170 water houses destroyed by fire at Kampung Landung Ayang, Kudat, Sabah in February 2022.
  • In 2022, Team Astro donated food items to 490 individuals from the B40 communities and children in underprivileged homes within Klang Valley.
  • Radio GEGAR provided aid during the floods in2022 to 500 people from the Orang Asli community in Sungai Mai Village as well as SMK Kuala Krau teachers in Pahang.

Astro Kem Badminton

  • In collaboration with the Ministry of Education (KPM), the Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) and the Malaysian Badminton Association (BAM), Astro Kem Badminton was formed to develop local sports at the junior grassroots level.
  • In total, 18,000 children have trained with AKB since 2012.
  • AKB alumni make up 69% of our current Malaysian junior elite squad with 12 players promoted to the national senior squad so far.