Advocating for a greener planet

We continue to prioritise environmental advocacy, riding on our multiplatform reach to amplify environmental awareness among Malaysians. We collaborated with Greenpeace Malaysia in efforts to reduce plastic use and worked with National Geographic to educate and empower consumers on sustainable living. We also partnered Climate Governance Malaysia to raise awareness on climate change, as well as WWF Malaysia on Earth Hour initiatives. 

We also partner with the Department of Environment (DoE) and ERTH by placing e-waste bins at Astro offices (AABC, Cyberjaya and Bangsar South). For each one (1) tonne of e-waste collected, we will provide a new laptop to the student.


Our latest carbon footprint assessment measures the total GHG emissions under the following scopes as defined in the GHG Protocol.


Scope 1 emissions increased by 88% due to refrigerant leakage arising from a one-off maintenance and repair of our three cooling units in AABC. In 2020, we expanded our scope to include refrigerant leakage to account for such fugitive emissions. Excluding this one-off usage in 2021, Scope 1 emissions would have recorded a significant reduction of 42%, supported by the significant reduction in emissions from stationary combustion of fuel by gensets of 82%. As part of the action plan from our recently completed preliminary energy audit, we intend to perform a chiller system overhaul in 2022 to mitigate the risk of refrigerant leakages happening in the future.


Overall, our continuous efforts to promote efficient electricity use, without compromising service quality has led to a reduction of electricity usage by 7% to 30.8 million kWh in 2021. Electricity intensity for 2021 has also decreased by 3% to 0.01 m kWh per RM million of revenue.


We remain mindful of our water usage across our operations and continue to advocate the 3R principles of Reuse, Reduce and Recycle. Overall, water consumption increased by 10% in 2021. While ACBC recorded a 5% reduction in water usage, the increased consumption at AABC was due to ageing pipelines which resulted in water leakage. In October 2021, we completed part of our water piping system rectification and replacement works, and plans are underway to completely replace our domestic water pipes in 2022 to mitigate the risk of water wastage.