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At Astro, we believe in serving the community by improving lives in a balanced and sustainable manner. To help the community achieve its aspirations, we work with our various partners through our community initiatives that are based on four focus areas: Lifelong Learning, Community Development, Sports and Environment.
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Lifelong Learning

Changing the way we learn

5 million Malaysian students are able to access our learning content

400,000 teachers are able to use our Kampus Astro platform to support lessons

Community Development

Touching lives through education

40,000 needy households received complimentary Astro decoders

560 students in remote schools benefitted from our academic workshops

16,000 hours of Public Service Announcements were broadcast in 2020


Creating tomorrow's champions

16,000 young badminton players have been trained since 2012

65% of national junior badminton squad are Astro Kem Badminton alumni


Giving a voice to climate causes

1.7 million kWh of photovoltaic energy harvested through our solar panels

19% reduction in our greenhouse gas emissions from 2018 to 2020, which is equivalent to planting 153,375 trees

Equipped 10,500 government schools and 76 paediatric and oncology wards, Schools in Hospitals and military hospitals with our Kampus Astro programme, which provides access to 15 learning channels including Astro Tutor TV and Astro Ceria.

At Astro, we value education and lifelong learning to unlock the potential of our youths. Over the years, we collaborated with the Ministry of Education to provide complimentary Astro decoders and TV sets to over 10,500 schools nationwide through our Kampus Astro programme. This enables 5,000,000 students nationwide to access 15 learning channels.

We have since expanded the programme to paediatric and oncology wards, Schools in Hospitals and military hospitals.

Provide equal access to education to rural schools and creating an environment conducive for learning.

We built Astro Hostels for SK Magandai, SK Sg Paku and SK Malinsau, located in the deep interiors of Sabah and Sarawak. These facilities save 220 students over 190,000 hours of daily commuting time in a normal school year. We also looked into their well-being by getting optometrists to these schools to check their eye sight.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we supplied food and daily essentials to 100 families in the vicinity of SK Malinsau who faced supply shortages.

Five new hostels and one youth centre were added to the Kampus Astro family in FY21 as part of our partnership with Starfish Foundation Malaysia, who share our vision of educating and empowering communities in East Malaysia.

Trained over 16,000 young talents and providing a platform for them to be the next generation badminton champions. 65% of national junior badminton squad are Astro Kem Badminton alumni.

Launched in 2012, Astro Kem Badminton (AKB) is a grassroots development programme to discover young badminton talents between the ages of 10 and 12 and uplift the standards of the sport.

To date, AKB has trained over 16,000 children, identifying promising players and providing coaching and mentorship to nurture them towards becoming professional athletes. AKB is proud to have played a role in the journey of many top national shuttlers.

Among our many success stories, is Jacky Kok. A former 2014 Astro Kem Badminton alumni and also a returning mentor in 2017, Jacky was a star performer throughout our programme and was eventually selected to train in the national youth squad representing Malaysia at badminton tournaments worldwide.