Astro celebrates Earth Day with local and international shows on nature

Astro celebrates Earth Day with local and international shows on nature

In conjunction with Earth Day, Astro is playing its part as Voice for Good by curating a variety of local and international documentaries on nature on a dedicated rail, the Love Earth on TV, Astro GO and On Demand.

Premiering shows include:

  • Frozen Planet II: Making Of, for a special behind-the-scenes feature with special reveals of the most memorable frozen regions, on 22 April at 9pm, on BBC Earth (Ch 554).
  • Reef documentary in Ningaloo: Australia’s Ocean Wonder narrated by Tim Winton, Australian writer, who takes to one of the last truly wild places in the Ningaloo coast, on 22 April at 1.10pm, on Love Nature (Ch 550).

Customers can also stream a range of exciting shows on advocacy and awareness of climate change on Astro AWANI, anytime, anywhere via On Demand and Astro GO including:

  • Talk show, Is Climate Emergency Real?, on an introduction to the conversation of climate change through commentary by experts and footage from real news.
  • Current affairs show, Perubahan Iklim. Apa ‘Plan’ Menteri?, for an interview with the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources on Malaysia’s plan in addressing climate change.
  • Economic forum, Lindung Planet, Lindung Sejagat, featuring Tan Sri Dr. Jemilah Mahmood who elevates the voice and ideas of Malaysia towards the ‘Regenative Economy’ model and the importance of how human health is connected to planet health.
  • Current affairs show, COP26: Komitmen Tangani Perubahan Iklim, for a talk on climate change with a focus on mitigation efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions by experts.
  • Current affairs show, Langkah Segera Capai Keadilan Iklim, discussion on the climate change and severe natural disasters from the experts.
  • Youth discussion, No More Excuses for Climate Inaction, where Eqram Mustaqeem from the Malaysian Youth Delegation and Aidil Iman Aidid, from Kolektif Iklim, speak on the value of the youth voice in climate action.
  • Current affairs show, Malaysia's Road to Net Zero Emissions, on what it takes for Malaysia to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 from the perspective of a climate activist and climate change consultant.
  • Survey report, Kajian Keprihatinan Perubahan Iklim, on the understanding of climate change and policies in Southeast Asia.

Documentaries available On Demand and Astro GO include:

  • Environment research and preservation series Eco Eye, Changing Planet, Where the Wild Men Are with Ben Fogle S9, No Poverty Land II – A Treasure Trove, and more.
  • Unique wildlife series A Wild Year on Earth, Alaskan Summer, Over Australia, Frozen Planet, Wild Metropolis, Wild China, Eden: Untamed Planet, The Land of Spirit, and more.
  • Climate change series and documentaries The World’s Deadliest Weather S5, Spectacular Earth, Earth’s Great Rivers, and more
  • Animation environmental series Agent on the Environment and food environmental consciousness series Go Green USA.

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