Astro Radio expands reach through inaugural collaboration with TikTok

Astro Radio expands reach through inaugural collaboration with TikTok

Astro Radio has kickstarted a collaboration with TikTok, leading destination for short-form mobile videos, launching three new weekend shows on HITZ, MY and GOXUAN. The collaboration is expected to expand reach and cross-promote a wider selection of content and music across platforms.

Kenny Ong, CEO of Astro Radio, said, “Astro Radio continues to evolve audio experiences for our 17 million weekly listeners. We are excited to be the first Malaysian radio network to collaborate with TikTok, a global digital content destination, to entertain and delight our listeners with more relevant music and content. With the tremendous increase of content creation on TikTok, there has been an increase in the demand for music from the platform as well, and through this collaboration, we continue to bring Malaysians together through the power of music.”

Sheau Mei Cheah, Music Marketing Lead, TikTok South East Asia commented, “As the leading platform for music discovery in today’s digital landscape, TikTok is an integral part of this country’s musical heartbeat. From homegrown talents to international music icons, the support of our user community has helped launch many diverse music careers to greater heights. Inspiring creativity and bringing joy is our main goal at TikTok, and we’re excited to work with Astro Radio to encourage even more creative expression across Malaysia.”

The weekend shows on HITZ, MY and GOXUAN will feature trending songs from TikTok, viral challenges, as well as interviews with TikTok Creators on-air or via the SYOK app. On HITZ TikTok Hour: Everything Trending on TikTok this week! hosted by Calista, listeners can enjoy TikTok Live sessions with fans for discussions about artistes featured on HITZ playlists, including ACE, Billie Eilish and more. MY fans can catch the MY TikTok Music Chart show hosted by Daniel Wong, for a countdown of the top 10 Chinese TikTok viral songs along with updates on trending TikTok challenges.

The GOXUAN weekly chart show GOXUAN TIKTOK 神曲 showcases Top 10 trending music choices on TikTok, including 程响 《四季予你》 / Gaston Pong 《Ring Ring Ring》 which were widely used in TikTok videos. GOXUAN fans can also enjoy fun and relatable short form videos on the radio brand’s TikTok account, which now has the biggest following among local Chinese radio brands. In the coming weeks, GOXUAN fans can also enjoy new campaign GOXUAN 他说啥 (GOXUAN Whatcha say?) where the GOXUAN announcer will act out a short sitcom.

Catch these weekend shows on HITZ every Sunday at 1pm, on MY every Saturday at 6pm, and on GOXUAN every Saturday at 10pm.

For more information, visit HITZ, MY and GOXUAN.