‘Hitz Eh Apa Tu?’ contest winner takes home over RM28k in cash

‘Hitz Eh Apa Tu?’ contest winner takes home over RM28k in cash

Contest continues for more Malaysians to win on Hitz FM, on-air

Hitz FM announced Khadijah as the winner for the ‘Hitz Eh Apa Tu?’ contest, taking home a cash prize of RM28,600 on 17 March 2023, two weeks since the contest first kicked-off.  The winner made a correct guess for the sound bite of the Scrunching Cellophane Tape, which she referred to from the wrong answers by participants on the Hitz FM website.

The contest remains open for the next winner and all Malaysians can continue to participate in ‘Hitz Eh Apa Tu?’ and stand to win a minimum of RM50, on-air. To participate, follow these simple steps:

  • Be the first caller through when you hear the cue to call on Hitz FM.
  • The Hitz FM announcer will play a sound bite on-air and contestants need to guess the sound within 10 seconds.
  • For every correct answer, contestants will take home a cash prize from RM50 or more.
  • Contestants can look up clues and wrong answers on the Hitz FM website.

For more information, visit hitz.syok.my and follow Hitz FM on social media platforms.