Hitz FM announcer fulfils rap star dream with ‘Bazaar Oohlala’ song

Hitz FM announcer fulfils rap star dream with ‘Bazaar Oohlala’ song

Listen to the song and music video on Hitz FM YouTube and TikTok

Hitz FM Morning Crew announcer, Raj, was given the opportunity to fulfil his dream of being a rap star, in conjunction with his birthday this week. Through the ‘Hitz Morning Crew One Week Rapper’ campaign, Raj put pen to paper and wrote the lyrics to his first rap song titled ‘Bazaar Oohlala’, with back up vocals by Ean and Anne, also from the Hitz FM Morning Crew. Listeners can enjoy the song and music video now available on Hitz FM YouTube and TikTok.

‘Bazaar Oohlala’ offers listeners a catchy song with a fun melody and lyrics that listeners can relate to during this Ramadan season. The song was created and produced by Hitz FM. Listeners also contributed to the production of the song by suggesting various favourite foods from Bazaar Ramadan to be including in the lyrics via Hitz FM’s posts on Instagram and TikTok, which reached over 19,000 views and 200 submissions.

'Bazaar Oohlala', an approximately 2-minute long song, was recorded at a popular Bazaar Ramadan area in Kuala Lumpur - Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI).

Raj, Hitz Morning Crew, said, “It was a dream come true when I was given the chance to be a rapper, what more, as a birthday gift. It’s been a lifelong dream and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to also work with our listeners and the rest of the Hitz FM team. I would like to thank our listeners for their support in making this a reality and I hope everyone enjoys the song.”

Additionally, fans can also use the ‘Bazaar Oohlala’ song on their TikTok accounts:

  • As a soundtrack song to their videos, with #HITZShowUsYourBazaar in the captions; or
  • By singing along to verses of the song, with #HITZOpenVerseChallenge in their captions.

For more information, visit hitz.syok.my and follow Hitz FM on social media.