Hitz FM introduces Malaysia’s first four-person Morning Crew with Ean, Arnold, Raj and Anne

Hitz FM introduces Malaysia’s first four-person Morning Crew with Ean, Arnold, Raj and Anne

From 15 August, 6am – 10am

The bigger and louder ‘Hitz Morning Crew’

Hitz FM fans can now enjoy a bigger and louder ‘Hitz Morning Crew’ with new additions, Raj and Anne, new announcers who will be joining well-known, energetic radio hosts, Ean and Arnold, every weekday mornings from 15 August, Mondays to Fridays at 6am – 10am on Hitz FM, Malaysia’ No. 1 English radio brand. Fans can also stream on the SYOK app.

Fans can enjoy the following segments on Malaysia’s first four-person morning crew:

  • Cikgu Gen Z, every Monday, where Cikgu Anne gives the boys a Gen Z term and Ean, Arnold and Raj need to spell out the term and use it in a sentence.
  • Trust Me Tuesdays, every Tuesday, where two announcers will describe two boxes to be chosen, one is a horrible and another is lie that will test trust of the other.
  • Anne’s Hitlist, every Wednesday, where Anne plays a snippet of a song and if the boys guess it right, they are saved from carrying out a punishment.
  • What’s That Movie???, every Thursday, where Raj and Anne will act out a scene from a movie for Ean and Arnold to guess.
  • First World Problems, every Friday, where fans can call in and share their first world problems to be solved by the Hitz Morning Crew.

Priya Prabakaran, Head of Content, Astro Radio, said, “We are thrilled to introduce this bigger and louder line-up to our popular Morning Crew, bringing in fresh and relevant new local talents to boot. We hope our listeners enjoy the first four-person radio breakfast show as well as a new feminine presence to balance and add depth to our vibrant line-up. We welcome Raj and Anne to our Hitz FM family and thank all listeners for their continuous support.”

For more information, visit hitz.syok.my and follow Hitz FM on social media platforms.

Announcer Profiles

About Raj Mahal (Instagram: @rajmahalbro)

Your resident Geek is in the building! Need to know trivia from any Star Wars movies? Raj will gladly give you a full lesson and a tour of his memorabilia with one condition: just don’t touch them. He’s fluent in 3 languages, English, Bahasa Malaysia and Sarcasm. (He’s also learning Mandarin at the moment). On the weekends, Raj loves exploring the streets of Kuala Lumpur, trying new food and breaking friendships over board games.

About Anne (Instagram: @theweekanne)

Loud, feisty and dramatic is all you need to describe Anne! With her bright highlighted pink hair, you won’t miss her in person and on Tik Tok! Makeup is totally her thing, but she’s still trying to look for the perfect foundation shade. If you ever need to get her something for her birthday, think The Weeknd, she loves him so much her socials are named after him!