RAAGA and local talents join hands for inspiring community initiatives

RAAGA and local talents join hands for inspiring community initiatives

RAAGA, Malaysia’s No. 1 Tamil radio brand, collaborates with local talents through ‘RAAGAvil Muthalvan’ to give back to local communities through various inspiring initiatives. The influencers were selected via the RAAGA website and finalists include Punitha Raja, a renowned singer, song writer, and lyricist; Saint T.F.C., popular local talent and TV host; Santhi Raj Barr, businesswoman and celebrity chef; and Daview Puvanan, actor and content creator.

Through this campaign, the talents will be allocated with a contribution of RM1000 from RAAGA to kick-start a month-long campaign to positively impact local communities.

These initiatives will continue until 17 October 2021 and include the following:

  • Punitha Raja – helping selected single mothers set up business platforms, and providing social media training for their businesses.
  • Saint T.F.C – collaborating with various SME owners to contribute to the needy.
  • Santhi Raj Barr – working to get an amputee access to a prosthetic leg, as well as assisting with bill payments for a family in need.
  • Daview Puvanan – refurbishing an orphanage and purchasing school necessities for the kids.

Fans can also stream the catchy ‘RAAGAvil Muthalvan’ title track by local artistes Shane Xtreme and Saint T.F.C along with RAAGA announcers Ahila, Suresh, Revathy, Uthaya, Kogulan via the RAAGA YouTube channel.

For more information or updates about these community projects, visit:

  1. Punitha Raja (Facebook, Instagram and TikTok)
  2. Saint T.F.C (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok)
  3. Santhi Raj Barr (Facebook and Instagram)
  4. Daview Puvanan (Instagram, YouTube and TikTok)