RIM launches first on-air chart show on HITZ, ERA and MY

RIM launches first on-air chart show on HITZ, ERA and MY

Music lovers will be able to enjoy the most streamed local and international songs in Malaysia on the first RIM Chart on Hitz FM, ERA and MY from 2 April 2022. The Recording Industry Association of Malaysia (RIM) in collaboration with Astro Radio, the No. 1 radio network in Malaysia, announced the launch of the RIM Chart shows available on radio airways for the first time locally.

RIM’s Chairman, Rosmin Hashim, said, “We are overjoyed that the RIM Charts which were previously only listed on RIM’s website and social media will now be coming to life on Astro Radio for the very first time. The RIM Charts are a true reflection of the local and international songs that Malaysians are listening to week in and week out based on verified data submitted by the major digital music service providers including Spotify and Apple Music; and compiled by global music technology leader, BMAT. We’re thrilled with this collaboration with Astro Radio that will help foster the development of the Malaysian music industry.”

Kenny Ong, CEO of Astro Radio, said, “We are excited to collaborate with RIM as we continue to revolutionise the local audio landscape. The RIM Chart shows will be available on our platform accessible to our 15.6 million weekly listeners. All Malaysians can enjoy the countdown of Top 10 local and Top 20 International most streamed hits in Malaysia, on Hitz FM, ERA and MY on-air or in one place on the SYOK app.”

On the Hitz RIM Chart Show, listeners can enjoy a countdown of top 20 local and international English songs comprising: Top 10 local English songs from the RIM charts, and an additional 10 songs from various Hitz FM segments including Hitz Throwbacks, featuring first throwback local song on Hitz FM; Hitz Rising, featuring upcoming local and South East Asian songs; Hitz Chart Request, songs requested by listeners; Hitz TikTok Viral, featuring viral songs on TikTok, and Hitz Worldwide, showcasing trending international English songs. Separately, on RIM Chart ERA and MY RIM Chart shows, listeners can enjoy top 10 local Malay songs and top 10 local Chinese songs respectively based on the RIM charts.

Catch the Hitz RIM Chart Show every Saturday from 3pm to 5pm, RIM Chart ERA every Saturday from 10am to 11am, and MY RIM Chart every Saturday from 1pm to 2pm, on-air or stream on the SYOK app.

For more information, visit Hitz FM, ERA and MY