Lifelong Learning

Kampus Astro Kampus Astro
Provide 10,000 government schools with access to 17 learning channels & creating compelling learning content. Also supports 76 paediatric and oncology wards, Schools in Hospitals and military hospitals.

At Astro, we value education and lifelong learning. By doing so, we help to unlock the potential of young kids all over Malaysia. Through strategic partnerships with the Ministry of Education, we launched Kampus Astro Bersama Komuniti Sekolah. The programme provides access to 17 learning channels to more than 10,000 schools nationwide via the Kampus Astro learning system. Over 1,000 hours of learning content have been produced in a form of edutainment.

"Our students enjoy learning with the content and we also use it as learning materials", this is one of the many positive feedbacks school teachers have given. Majority found the content relevant to the subjects they teach, which helps classrooms learning more interactive and meaningful. Over 60% of teachers surveyed also said the programme has helped their students understand better. We also believe as part of lifelong learning, education should be accessible by everyone and through partnership with the Ministry of Health, Malaysian Armed Forced and Project Hati Nurani, we made it possible to provide Kampus Astro learning system to pediatric wards, children oncology wards and School-In Hospital classrooms in hospitals around Malaysia. We continue to leverage on technology to ensure no one gets left behind in lifelong learning.