At Astro, we believe in serving the community by improving lives in a balanced and sustainable manner. To help the community achieve its aspirations, we work with our various partners through our community initiatives that are based on four focus areas: Lifelong Learning, Community Development, Sports and Environment.
  • LifeLong Learning

    "Changing the way we learn"
    5 Million Malaysian students are able to access our learning content
    400,000 School teachers are able to use the Kampus Astro platform to support lessons
  • Community Development

    "Touching lives through education"
    360 Students to remote schools benefitted from the academic workshops
    40,000 Hardcore poor households have been connected with the Astro decoder
  • Sports

    "Creating tomorrow's champions today"
    16,000 Young badminton players have been trained since 2012
    70% National youth players recruited from our badminton camp
  • Environment

    "Giving a voice to climate causes"
    Ongoing efforts to reduce our carbon footprint, water and electricity consumption at our offices.
    8,500 Hours of community service announcements including environmental conservation broadcasted on our platforms.